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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Takaya has been working on 23 initiatives to contribute to the sustainable development of society based on the philosophy of “Create a spiritually rich living environment”


Promotion of factory construction total service “Factoria”
  • Promotion of factory construction total service “Factoria”
  • Considering the environment of the staff working in factories and the future of society, “Factoria” contributes not only highly sensitive designs, but also boosts employee motivation to work more comfortably, and promotes employment.The business model was evaluated and received the Good Design Award in 2017.
Health and safety action
  • Health and safety action
  • Our principle is “To suppress accidents to protect the happiness of all those working at Takaya,” and to carry out joint patrols to confirm the safety of the site with cooperating companies every month.We are also working on safety education and management education for COHSMS.
The Book Button Project
  • The Book Button Project
  • We send used books to the International NGO Room to Read, who sells donated used book and uses its proceed to builds libraries and schools for children in Asia and Africa, publish local language books, and provide opportunities for girl’s education.
The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Action
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Action
  • The reconstruction support activities of Takaya have been continuing since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.The Community Fun Event by Takaya has been held in temporary housing 14 times, and we continue to carry out many disaster public housing constructions, and the reconstruction work of coastal fishing ports that suffered tsunami damage.
Alumni Meeting
  • OB・OG Meeting
  • It is a good opportunity for alumni to hand down their stories of Takaya to young staff in person. Many alumni are looking forward to this opportunity and promised to stay in good health and come back following year.

Health Management

Recognized as an excellent health management company in 2017.
  • Recognized as an excellent health management company in 2017.
  • We are working on a variety of health activities, such as promoting non-smoking, a comprehensive medical checkup support system, and fixing exercise habits by participating in mountain climbing and marathon events.Staff health leads to corporate health and the vitality of society.
Smoke free Campaign
  • Anti-smoking promotion action
  • There is a designated smoking area in Takaya due to the campaign.The smoker ratio of our male staff is 24.5% (nationwide average – 33.7%), and that of the female staff is 0% (10.6%) which is below the national average.
No Overtime Day
  • No Overtime Day
  • Every Friday, there is no overtime, everyone leaves office at 5pm. After leaving the office, the staff will be able to participate in lessons as an opportunity to discover themselves, and to spend meaningful time with family and children. The Premium Friday is also underway.
Athletic Club activities
  • Club activities
  • Baseball club, running club, basketball club and tennis club are active. It is a place where you can communicate with congenial staff by leaving the work-site and working out together at these club activities on weekends or holidays.

Human resource development

  • Internship
  • We accept student internships from university, junior college, high school and middle school. We provide opportunities for students to learn “what is a company?”, “What kind of job is the construction industry?”, and “What does working mean to?”
A scholarship program for international students
  • A scholarship program for international students
  • Scholarships awarded to international students of Iwate University We believe that these students would contribute to the globalization of Iwate and to the improvement of technology in their home countries in the future.
Summer Festival Yatai (food stand) training
  • Summer Festival Street Stall training
  • Rookies manage to operate Yatai, food stand, at the Morioka’s summer tradition “Sansa Odori (dance)”. At the Yatai, rookies plan from scratch, cook and make sales to visitors, as well as, energizing the summer festival with their cheerful and fresh voices.
Common Sense Academy
  • Common Sense Academy
  • The academy focuses to staff who have earned couple years’ experience of employment, and should start thinking how can I create better work environment? If I become in charge, what improvement I would make for work environment and etc. It should be a phase to cultivate managerial sense. Accordingly, the academy recommends some informative business-related books for them to read and coordinates discussion to exchange opinions with senior staff who have field experience and valuable advice.
Recruitment action
  • Recruitment action
  • Takaya values the idea of young staff who are close to student generation. Thus, young staff are assigned to organize and conduct carrier forum and recruiting events. It is also a great opportunity to refine their public speaking ability.
Committee Meeting System
  • Committee Meeting System
  • We value setting up a committee on improvement of working environment. It benefits to staff to experience how to organize, manage, and solve issues. Many important committees have been set up, such as 5S Committee, Event Planning Committee, and Thank You Card Committee.

Regional Exchange

Naming Rights and Partner
  • Naming Rights and Partner
  • As a maintenance activity of the Arena (gymnasium) which Morioka residents use for athletic activities, Takaya has been certified as a “Naming Rights and Partner” and its name became “Morioka Takaya Arena”. We want to contribute to revitalizing athletic activities.
Main sponsor of city marathon
  • Main sponsor of marathon competitions
  • Ihatobu (the phrase created by Miyazawa Kenji; It is said that this word means Iwate.) We have been primary corporate sponsor of Hanamaki Half Marathon for last five years since it started. We contribute to create an opportunity for people of Iwate to participate to the race that is wonderful excises event for their health.
Clean Up Action
  • Clean Up Action
  • Takaya, which has the philosophy of “Create a spiritually rich living environment,” is actively working to clean up the community. We are participating in garbage collecting activities sponsored by the Moritopia Net and the Morioka Branch of the Construction Industry Association.
Illumination Lighting
  • Illumination Lighting
  • At the head quarter showroom and ready-mixed concrete plant, illumination is set in winter to comfort local people to enjoy the beautiful lights. The illumination became popular and been enjoyed and received a good reputation every year.
Showroom Rental
  • Showroom Rental
  • At our head quarter showroom with its kitchen and cafe space, we lend the showroom as a venue for cultural events such as cooking classes, flower arrangement and photography classes.


Active female staff
  • Active female staff
  • Takaya is a construction company with many active female staff.The ratio of female staff to all employees is 24% (average is 13% of all construction industries nationwide), and some are mothers raising children.
Active foreign national staff
  • Active foreign national staff
  • Our foreign staff of Chinese and Myanmarese work as regular employees. Their motivation to decide to make their career in foreign country and the efforts they put in are outstanding. We believe that they would bring the technical skills they have learned in Japan to their homeland and contribute technologically.
University of Diversity Takaya
  • University of Diversity
  • Diversity = Multiplicity.Simply put, “There are various people.”Gender, nationality, and age attributes alone are not diversity.Male, female, young people, foreigners, LGBT, people who have a different former job, people who have different ideas, it is very important to work together after understanding each other’s positions and perspectives.In University of Diversity Takaya, the staff can experience the awareness and synergy effects of “various people” by paying attention to “diversity of viewpoints and thinking.”For their work and in everyday life, there is plenty of material that can be used in living life.