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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects


Promotion of factory construction total service “Factoria”

  • Considering the environment of the staff working in factories and the future of society, “Factoria” contributes not only highly sensitive designs, but also boosts employee motivation to work more comfortably, and promotes employment.The business model was evaluated and received the Good Design Award in 2017.


Health and safety action

  • Our principle is “To suppress accidents to protect the happiness of all those working at Takaya,” and to carry out joint patrols to confirm the safety of the site with cooperating companies every month.We are also working on safety education and management education for COHSMS.


The Book Button Project

  • We send used books to the International NGO Room to Read, who sells donated used book and uses its proceed to builds libraries and schools for children in Asia and Africa, publish local language books, and provide opportunities for girl’s education.


The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Action

  • The reconstruction support activities of Takaya have been continuing since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.The Community Fun Event by Takaya has been held in temporary housing 14 times, and we continue to carry out many disaster public housing constructions, and the reconstruction work of coastal fishing ports that suffered tsunami damage.


Alumni Meeting

  • It is a good opportunity for alumni to hand down their stories of Takaya to young staff in person. Many alumni are looking forward to this opportunity and promised to stay in good health and come back following year.