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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects



  • We accept student internships from university, junior college, high school and middle school. We provide opportunities for students to learn “what is a company?”, “What kind of job is the construction industry?”, and “What does working mean to?”


A scholarship program for international students

  • Scholarships awarded to international students of Iwate University We believe that these students would contribute to the globalization of Iwate and to the improvement of technology in their home countries in the future.


Summer Festival Yatai (food stand) training

  • Rookies manage to operate Yatai, food stand, at the Morioka’s summer tradition “Sansa Odori (dance)”. At the Yatai, rookies plan from scratch, cook and make sales to visitors, as well as, energizing the summer festival with their cheerful and fresh voices.


Common Sense Academy

  • The academy focuses to staff who have earned couple years’ experience of employment, and should start thinking how can I create better work environment? If I become in charge, what improvement I would make for work environment and etc. It should be a phase to cultivate managerial sense. Accordingly, the academy recommends some informative business-related books for them to read and coordinates discussion to exchange opinions with senior staff who have field experience and valuable advice.


Recruitment action

  • Takaya values the idea of young staff who are close to student generation. Thus, young staff are assigned to organize and conduct carrier forum and recruiting events. It is also a great opportunity to refine their public speaking ability.


Committee Meeting System

  • We value setting up a committee on improvement of working environment. It benefits to staff to experience how to organize, manage, and solve issues. Many important committees have been set up, such as 5S Committee, Event Planning Committee, and Thank You Card Committee.