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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects


Active female staff

  • Takaya is a construction company with many active female staff.The ratio of female staff to all employees is 24% (average is 13% of all construction industries nationwide), and some are mothers raising children.


Active foreign national staff

  • Our foreign staff of Chinese and Myanmarese work as regular employees. Their motivation to decide to make their career in foreign country and the efforts they put in are outstanding. We believe that they would bring the technical skills they have learned in Japan to their homeland and contribute technologically.


University of Diversity Takaya

  • Diversity = Multiplicity.Simply put, “There are various people.”Gender, nationality, and age attributes alone are not diversity.Male, female, young people, foreigners, LGBT, people who have a different former job, people who have different ideas, it is very important to work together after understanding each other’s positions and perspectives.In University of Diversity Takaya, the staff can experience the awareness and synergy effects of “various people” by paying attention to “diversity of viewpoints and thinking.”For their work and in everyday life, there is plenty of material that can be used in living life.