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Takaya’s 23 Initiatives

Communication System

Management Policy Presentation (all-employee assembly)
  • Management Policy Presentation (all-employee assembly)
  • All employees of Takaya gather biannually in January and July.By sharing managerial direction and policy, all employees would be on the same page of vector of Takaya.
OB・OG Meeting
  • OB・OG Meeting
  • It is our duty to report the current status of Takaya to the alumnus who have contributed for many years.
    Mainly rookies and younger members make self-introduction and report on current status and the future plan of Takaya.
Appreciation Card
  • Thank You Card
  • There are many moments to say “Thank you” everyday; someone has received a package while you are gone, accompanied you on a sales visit, prepared materials for you and so forth…. So, we value to create an atmosphere in where everyone naturally expresses “Thank You” to Nakama (associated fellows) who extends care.
  • Communication System
  • Takaya has a wish for fellows to communicate not only official but also informal occasions. So, Takaya budgets to pay Commu-Kai expense up to 3,000 JPY per month per person in aim to encourage all fellows to have an opportunity to interact with other associates regardless your age, generation, regions, and beyond the boundaries of departments.

Human Resources Development

Sugo-Sai (innovative recruiting) Project
  • Great Recruiting Project
  • We let younger members to organize and conduct Carrier Forum, student internship programs, as well as new employee training programs. We associate with younger staffs to recruit prospective colleagues who would enjoy working with us through the SUGO-SAI Project.
Summer Festival Yatai (stands) Training
  • Summer Festival street stall training
  • As an intensive training of business management, rookies organize and operate the Yatai (stand) at the Morioka Summer Festival “Sansa Odori (dance)”. It is a total experience from business planning to internal inquiries, operations and cost management.
    We nurture young managers.
Common Sense Academy
  • Common Sense Academy
  • The academy focuses to staff who have earned couple years’ experience of employment, and should start thinking how can I create better work environment? If I become in charge, what improvement I would make for work environment and etc. It should be a phase to cultivate managerial sense. Accordingly, the academy recommends some informative business-related books for them to read and coordinates discussion to exchange opinions with senior staff who have field experience and valuable advice.
Management Training
  • Manager Training System
  • it is to cultivate a managerial sense by participating in external seminars in purpose to develops the proactive attitude of participation in proactive management.
One-minute speech
  • 1分間スピーチ
  • In every morning meeting, every employee takes turn to make One-minute speech.
    It cultivates speech communication skill, information search & analysis skill.
The president’s remark
  • Comment of the President
  • Every Monday, the president of Takaya sends out an e-mail newsletter to all staff members. The president wants to share openly what the top’s life are such as what he thinks, what he learned and impressed this week, who he met, what his point of view of Takaya’s business and so forth. It is on web site.
Leader’s message
  • Massages from Leaders
  • On every first day of the month, every leaders / supervisor sends out a message his or her staffs. This is an opportunity not only for leaders to improve writing skill but also for staffs to know what his or her leader thinks.

Health Management System

Smoke free Campaign
  • Anti-smoking Movement
  • Statistics shows that 40 % of cancer deaths in males and 5% in females are due to smoking. The entire Takaya offices is a smoke free environment. It is simply wish for staffs’ health and eventually they all can provide the best self at work.
Mountaineering and marathon
  • Mountaineering and marathon
  • “A sound mind in a sound body” said Juvenalis. Stay in a good health is very important for success in the business. Takaya actively promotes all staffs to become more aware of physical condition and encourages to participate sports events such as municipal marathon, or climb mountains and so forth.
No Overtime Day
  • No Overtime Day
  • Every Friday, there is no overtime, everyone goes home at 5pm, lights-out by 6pm. Takaya wishes all staff to enjoy Friday evening with friends and family, to refine own skills, and refresh their mind and body. To clearly separate work and private life.

Diversity system

Maternity leave and childcare leave system
  • Maternity leave and childcare leave system
  • Now, a number of Takaya’s employee exceeds 250 people, more than 50 employees are female. So, maternity leave and childcare leave have been our standard. So female staffs feel comfortable working at Takaya.
    A pep rally (baby shower) before maternity leave is now a common event.
New Construction and Renovation Subsidy System
  • New Construction and Renovation Subsidy System
  • Housing and Renovation Department is one of key business of Takaya.
    Takaya encourages its staffs especially younger staffs to have experience of building or renovate own house. Therefore, Takaya provides subsidy for new home building and renovation to these staffs. Thus, young staff becomes a home owner and draw a bright life design.
Hire Foreign National Staffs
  • Recruiting of Foreign National Staff
  • Takaya has hired six Chinese and one Myanmarese as of December 2017. They are actively working as specialists in design and civil engineering work. Takaya s aiming to meet the global standards, accordingly our office is now more internationalized.
Study Abroad Program
  • Study Abroad System
  • Takaya, is aiming to meet the global standards, has established a program to send staffs to study overseas in order to acquire global perspectives. We believe that overseas experience would bring back priceless feedback to Takaya after all.
A scholarship program for international students
  • A scholarship program for international students
  • We provide a scholarship program for foreign students studying in Japan.
    It is our mission to promote globalization of Takaya by supporting foreign youth members because we believe that their talent and potential are unlimited.

Regional Contribution System

Temporary Housing Resident Meeting
  • Temporary Housing Resident Meeting
  • Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Takaya has built 192 temporary houses as disaster relief project. We also support residents to interact in a temporary neighborhood. Thus, we organize a fun event and it has been 14th Fun Community Event so far.
Hanamaki Festival
  • Hanamaki Festival
  • Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, where the president was born
    The company was certified in the Guinness Books of Records in 2015 as exhibiting the “greatest number of portable shrines displayed simultaneously at the same venue”.
    We participate in as “Takaya-Gumi (group)” with the traditional Hanten (a type of half coat) used since our establishment.
Naming Rights and Partners
  • Naming Rights and Partners
  • As part of its activities rooted in the region, the Morioka City Ice Arena (sports facilities next to the head quarter), which is a constructed by Takaya, was named “Morioka Takaya Arena” as a naming rights partner.
5S・Clean-up Activities
  • 5S・Cleanup Activities
  • Every Thursday, we hold a company-wide cleaning day after morning meeting to beautify the company.
    We are participating in the Book Baton Project (collecting secondhand books).
    We are working to clean up streets, extending our clean up efforts to local community.