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The 85th Anniversary Project

New Company Logo

Reaffirm the DNA of Takaya, which has continued since its establishment.
By returning to our origins, we will continue to develop and further our business in the next 100 years of business by uniting all employee vectors.

History of the Logo

History of the Logo
Establishment Period
From the name of our founder we use of character “Ya” as a large crest on our Hanten (half coat). Yaichi Takada for himself established “Takayagumi” in the present Kitakami City in 1930.Takaya’s history started from a group of carpenters specialized in wood craftsmanship.
History of the Logo
Golden Period
Chinese character notation “Ya” was changed to a heavy gothic font as the image for a nationwide, innovative construction company, invincible and strong.We created the Tohoku industry’s first achievements one after another, such as being the first in the industry to accomplish a total amount of construction completed exceeding 30 billion JPY, all branch offices obtaining ISO9001, etc.
History of the Logo
Regeneration Period
“A frog” image was adopted as the character representing our change since the word “frog” in Japanese is homonymous with the word for “change”.A lower-case rounded gothic font is used to soften the company’s impression on general consumers.The company filed a civil rehabilitation claim in April 2002.Implementation of a major switch from conventional business-to-business work, to business-to-consumer.Adopting the Housing, Remodeling and Real Estate Department.
History of the Logo
Rapid Growth Period
In order to make a rapid growth, we re-share the DNA present since the time of establishment with all employees by going back to the basis, and we send them out.We have given homage to the character “Ya” from our origin.REFORCO, Factoria, overseas business, a new form of business that extends beyond divisions and areas, such as the first Ground Proposal Based Public House for Rehabilitation Buyback Program in Japan, will begin to develop.

Introduction of new outfits

New outfits gives new image of Takaya and motivates our staff.A stylish denim uniform that overturns the traditional image of the construction industry.

  • Former work clothes

    Previous work outfits

  • New work clothes

    New work outfits

New work clothes