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History of Takaya


Takaya-Gumi (group)

1930 Apr. Established Takaya-Gumi (group) privately by Yaichi Takada.
1942 Mar. Established Takaya-Gumi (group) Morioka Branch in Saien, Morioka City
1947 Apr. Yaichi Takada was elected from Iwate 2nd ward in the 23rd general election of the House of Representatives.
1948 Feb. Yaichi Takada (Takaya Co.) became the first president of Iwate Prefecture Contractors Association.
With our work on the Iwai River embankment reconstruction, the results of our civil engineering department were recognized, and the company became a comprehensive construction business.
1949 Jan. Yaichi Takada was elected from Iwate 2nd ward in the 24th general election of the House of Representatives.
1953 Apr. Yaichi Takada was elected from Iwate 2nd ward in the 26th general election of the House of Representatives.

Takaya Construction

1954 Jan. Entity Conversion to Takaya Construction Co., Ltd. (Capital Stock 5 Million JPY)
Accession of Yaichi Takada as the first President and Representative Director
Aug. Established Takaya-Gumi (group) Morioka Branch in Saien Morioka City
1964 Jan. Accession of Tokubei Sato as the second President and Representative Director
1966 Aug. Reorganized Morioka Branch Office into the Head Office and Kitakami Head Office into Kitakami Branch Office.
1969 May Kinichiro Takada became the third President and Representative Director
1970 Jan. Loss of Founder, Yaichi Takada, Awarded Senior Fifth Rank, The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon
1971 May Tokubei Sato became the fourth President and Representative Director
1974 Apr. Placed the head office in Morioka (Konya town)
1976 Breakthrough in total amount of construction completion, 8.8 billion JPY.
1979 Mar. Shigeru Mochizuki became the fifth President and Representative Director
1982 Oct. BCS Award of the Contractors Association for Central Community Center Construction in Morioka City
1984 Apr. Upgraded Tokyo and Miyako sales offices to branch offices respectively
1989 Nov. Amount added to capital stock, 450 million JPY
1991 June Breakthrough in total amount of construction completion, 30 billion JPY. (The first in the industry in Tohoku Area)
1994 Aug. Kinichiro Takata became the sixth President and Representative Director
1998 Feb. Authorized for acquisition of ISO9001 International Quality Standard Certification for all branch offices at the same time
June the total amount of construction completion, 40.6 billion JPY
1999 Aug. Group company clearance of 7 companies; Extraordinary loss, 8.9 billion.
2000 Aug. kuo Mochizuki becomes the seventh President and President and Representative Director
2002 Apr. Petition made under the Civil Rehabilitation Law
2003 Jan. Certified confirmation of the rehabilitation plan
2004 July BCS Award of the 2nd Building Industry Association at the Sakura Hall (JV with other companies) at the Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center.
2005 June Joined Inter Deco Haus FC
2006 Jan. End of civil rehabilitation procedures
Dec. completion of MOSS Building
2007 Dec. Relocation of Head office to Motomiya, Morioka City


2008 Feb. Opened Showroom “wilc” on the 1F of the Head Office.
Apr. Started Delivery Remodeling business.
Oct. Changed the company name to Takaya Co., Ltd.
Began Senkindo business
2009 Mar. Opened Chuodori Office and started a rental management business
June Established Takaya (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd
2010 Mar. Opened Shanghai Branch Office and started overseas venture
Relocation of Kitakami Branch Office to 3-chome Odori Kitakami City.
Apr. Opened Kitakami Showroom
June Established Takaya (Shanghai) Trade and Commerce Co., Ltd.
2011 Apr. Opened: Sendai Branch Office・Kamaishi Branch Office・Miyako Office・Ofunato Office・Ishinomaki Office
Opened: Senkindo Morioka Model House
2012 Mar. Convened company information session in Beijing
Dec. Rehabilitation Debts Payment concluded
Prize of Amount of Sales, 100 million JPY (BSC Award)
2013 June Open Kesennuma Office
Oct. Convened company information session in Myanmar and Yangon.
Nov. Renewal opening of Morioka Showroom
Dec. Amount of orders received, 11.1 billion JPY
2014 Apr. Investment to Singapore Story Making Co., Ltd
May Opened Delivery Remodeling・ Hachinohe Office
Nov. Started Nordic design condominium renovation REFORCO Business
2015 Jan. Announcement of new company logo and introduction of new work uniforms
Feb. Joined Naturie FC
Apr. Opened Fukushima Office
June Opened Minamisoma Office
Dec. REFORCO・Sendai business
2016 Mar. Started OREGONIA Business
May Began COCOCHI Business
June Issuance of Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Guaranteed Private Placement Bonds
July Renoberu Joined FC・ Renoberu (renovating) opened Sendai Office
Conclusion of Takaya Arena Naming Rights and Partner
Sept. Opened Osaka Branch Office
Oct. Opened Shikoku Branch Office・Ozu Office・ Imabari Office・ Kochi Office・ Marugame Office.
2017 June Joined MUJI Renovation Club.
Aug. Recognized as an excellent health management company in 2017
Oct. Prize of Factoria Good Design Award
2018 Jan. Opened Niihama Office