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President’s Message

The general constructor that stays several paces ahead Mitsuo Mochizuki President Takaya Co., Ltd.

―We welcome people who enjoy changes and challenges―

Corporate Responsibility

At the company I joined as a new recruit, I was ingrained with the management philosophy of the company founder Konosuke Matsushita stating that “companies are public institutions of society”. This means that a company is literally an “institution” which keeps employees and funds from the “public”, and which has a responsibility to keep them and utilize them for the good of the public.
This philosophy suggests that, if a company keeping human resources continues to run a deficit and cannot pay taxes, it is like committing the crime of not returning consideration for borrowing the resources to the public. It implies that a company should not only pursue its own interests but also accept the responsibility to contribute to the progress of society.
We would like to educate our employees kept from the public to become those who try to improve not only job skills but also their humanity. I hope they will be mature as personnel contributing not only to this company, TAKAYA Co., Ltd. but also to the future of society from a global point of view.

Technological Innovation and Discontinuous Changes

Twenty years ago, innovation in technological development occurred in various industries. Although the speed of the innovation increased, it was still an extension of the predicted growth curve. In the 1990’s, the days in which all we had to do was to catch up with the speed of growth, ended. Since then, companies such as Apple and Google have emerged, providing products and services based on new ideas which were not a conventional extension. This was the beginning of discontinuous changes.
In the construction industry, like others, the conventional extension of the technological development alone has been increasingly insufficient. As the innovation of technology and services such as AI, IoT and robotics progresses, the border lines between industries vanishes, and unexpected competitors may suddenly appear. Before this happens, we will aggressively adopt new technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics and others to improve the environment and work efficiency at construction sites and promote the technological development in collaboration with IT companies, universities and research institutes.

Human Resources Responding Flexibly to the Discontinuous Changes

The average life span is now predicted to be well over 100 years in near future. Retirement ages will be extended to 70 or 80 years old or more by virtue of the national policies such as the public-run pension system. Then, one’s working life will be extended by 1.5 times, and concepts such as “I have been dedicated to this for decades” will not be implicit.
We welcome people who go beyond the norm and enjoy changes and challenges confidently, rather than those who just have much knowledge.

TAKAYA Co., Ltd. is a company in which people from experienced to rookies, women and foreign employees with various concepts and diverse values work energetically together. We promise to challenge and explore for new things for the future, even after we celebrate the 100th anniversary of its establishment in 2030.