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Takaya’s slogan is “the general constructor that stays several paces ahead”.
We are introducing new systems and methods ahead of the industry such as “Just try it first”.

Last year, “Factoria”, the total solution brand of factory building, one of our main business, received The Good Design Award 2017 in its Business Model. Moreover, TAKAYA Co. has been recognized as a “Health Management Superior Corporation” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2017 and 2018. This is in appreciation of the efforts to create the smoke-free environment in entire offices and facilities, as well as encouraging associates to participate in full marathon events, mountain climbing, basketball team and so forth. Thus, we have received positive reputation from outside the company for advanced initiatives.

TAKAYA Co. actively creates diverse working environment. As the result, approximately one quarter of all employees are female, and they are active in the front lines of design, interior coordinate, branding and other core positions. Many female employees in TAKAYA Co. return to work after marrying and obtaining maternity and childcare leave, and continue to remain active with the skills they obtained here.
TAKAYA Co. has been hiring foreign employees from China, Myanmar, and Vietnam for the past eight years. In the future, as the world trend changes more and more rapidly, it is a premise of our corporate culture that we encourage all associates to express opinions freely and vigorously while admitting and respecting the differences in individuality and sense of values each other, and the difference of countries and gender, in order that TAKAYA Co. will continue to stay in “the general constructor that stays several paces ahead”.
Now on, TAKAYA Co. aims to be a supple and strong company that can respond quickly with flexible mind which cannot be caught up by stereotypes, according to the world changes and unexpected innovations.

TAKAYA Co. will never look away from the challenges to be ” the general constructor that stays several paces ahead” and never choose any easy way to stay where we are now, as well as continuing to convey “our strong commitment for high quality construction for all clients” which is the proof of TAKAYA Co.’s trust inherited from seniors and passed to the next generation. Under our mission in the construction industry since our establishment, we wish for the happiness of our customers and employees and aim to become a company that commit to contributes to the society by making a fuller and more comfortable living environment.