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In October 21(Sat) and 22 (Sun), used condominiums field sales (Morioka City)


Living wisely in a used condominium downtown. Used condominiums field sales

Used condominiums are

①inexpensive price compared to brand new

②its asset value is unlikely to decrease.

③A used condominium let you to start living in expensive area in city at affordable prices.

④The customer can confirm the status of the property management, etc.

There are many benefits


The used condominiums field sales will be held in Shimizu Town, Morioka City at this time.

During this period, no appointment is needed.

There are profitable properties for investment.

For details, please refer to advertisement in the Iwate Nippo on October 19 (Sat).


Date: October 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun)

Hours: 10am to 4pm

*No appointment is needed

* There is no parking. Please park nearby toll parking lot when you drive.

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Park Heights Shimizu-machi 【MAP】




Takaya Co., Ltd. Operation Department of Renovation

Toll-free 0120-550-405

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