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Prize of Factoria Good Design Award for Factory Construction


Factory construction total service “Factoria”

Prize of Good Design Award 2017


Factory construction total service brand “Factoria” won the Good Design Award.

※”Recommended system for comprehensive design” hosted by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Institute of Design Promotion


Factoria has carried out the creation of a comfortable workspace that balances design, cost and function, and branding of factory construction, with “from 3K to 3C (Cool · Comfortable · Communication)” as the key words.


We received following comments from the judges:

“The total design across the fields of architecture, furniture, clothing, graphics, etc. based on the branding idea is a plugged-in method. Both design and direction require high skill to bring together many items with different functions and characteristics so that a strong image can be created.

We evaluated the fact that the company has succeeded in realizing environmental creation up to the level where the staff want to work by reviewing the whole environment in factories where design has thus far not intervened.”


We will continue to put more efforts to increase the number of factories with “3C” in the country.



5 days from November 1(Wed) to 5 (Sun)

The Good Design Award ceremony will be held in Tokyo Midtown.

Please drop in when you are nearby.


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