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  • Construction Business

    More than 85 years history in our time-proven core business.

    The main business of Takaya that has continued since our foundation.We extensive achievements ranging from factory construction to construction of shrines and temples.Factory construction total service brand, ”Factoria” was awarded the Good Design Award in 2017.

  • Environment construction project

    Support from disaster recovery to infrastructure.

    Many fishing ports on the coast of Iwate Prefecture were swept away by the tsunami in 2011.We are carrying out a number of works from earthquake restoration to highway, bridges and dams constructions in the prefecture.

  • New building project

    Five brands help creating an ideal life

    Developing new housing projects in Iwate and Shikoku.We will help you create an ideal house with a brand tailored to your lifestyle.

  • Renovation project

    For environmentally friendly and sustainable housing.

    Renovation is the choice you can make to reduce waste that is environmentally friendly.We propose a sophisticated design looking ahead to a sustainable society.

  • Real Estate Business

    Support from sales to rent.

    We run a wide range of real estate businesses from rental condominiums and apartments, to planning housing land development, and sale of housing land.We have worked with other divisions to develop new businesses that have generated synergies.